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Pacific Energy Alberni


Vitreous enamel side panels. Crisp charcoal painted top and legs. Gorgeous large viewing glass. This is the Alberni 2.5 Hand made in Canada from only the highest quality materials, the Pacific Energy Alberni 2.5 is designed to be swooned over on the longest and coldest of nights.

Outside Air Kit

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Two Speed Fan

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Pacific Energy Alberni 2.5

300m² is a large area to heat, but the Alberni 2.5 is up to the challenge without issue. And if you want more heat… you’ve got it! With the stainless-steel baffle, the smoke from your fire is reignited at 800°C! This produces Pacific Energy’s signature afterburn, giving you more heat and producing less emission, so it’s better for the environment (tested at 1g of emissions). With a long burn time of 12-15 hours, as well as an unbelievably 82% efficiency, there’s a lot packed into this single heater.

The Alberni is also able to upgraded with our Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit, increasing its performance by 8% (Saving you wood and money) and reducing noise down the flue by 90%, which makes the heater much quieter than if it had triple skin flue installed onto it. Couple this with the optional Outside Air Intake for a fully airtight system suitable for both modern and older homes.

It’s hard to over estimate the Alberni 2.5 because it’s just that impressive! It’s emissions and efficiency, heat output and modern design make this heater a great option for any large heating space.

Efficiency 82%
Emissions 1.0g
Heating Capacity 280m² – 300m²
Dimensions 756mm x 718mm x 616mm
Rear clearance to combustible 150mm
Side clearance to combustible 400mm
Corner clearance to combustible 100mm
Clearance to non-combustible 25mm


Model number – 11020031