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31 Baines Crescent, Torquay Vic, 3228

About Us


About Us


At About we know every customer is different, but that is okay because so are we.

One size does not fit all. We have gone to a lot of trouble over a long period of time to try, test and eliminate products that do not perform at or above expectation. Our main goal is always customer satisfaction. The best part of being small is we can adapt and change to customers’ needs and new market trends quickly. This helps provide you with new and unique products as well as tried and tested great products. We also surprise people with our range of exclusive products that are market leading and highly desirable.

When it comes to Fireplaces, we always suggest you look at it like a piece of furniture. Remember it must fit your style and home even when it is not burning.

When it comes to outdoor cooking there is a wide range of options and styles. Some are specialist products and some have certain crossovers that make them more versatile. Before you invest, we like to explore what sort of cooking you do and the lifestyle you want to achieve.

Sure, any company can offer advice with a little bit of training and industry knowledge. What we do is offer an unbiased opinion and only seek the best solution for your individual needs or situation. Although we are very proud of our range offering, we can accept we will never be everything to everyone. So, our promise to our customers is simply; ‘if we cannot help you, we will point you in the right direction’.

About barbeques & fireplaces was born out of a dream, part of the vision has always been and always will be the we are all ‘about’ you – our customers, our suppliers and people living in our local community. We provide highly trained, exceptional service and we are passionate about providing extraordinary products that are perfect for your home. If you enjoy great customer service as much as we do, then we look forward to meeting you and know that you will become part of the growing group of satisfied customers.

About barbeques & fireplaces – serving the local community of Torquay and the Surf Coast.

Mike Craft –
Mike started selling Wood Fires and BBQ’s in Queensland 38 years ago. After working in a fireplace factory he went on to install wood fires before running his first retail store. His retail and wholesale journey has exposed him to a huge range of products from all over the world.