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PE Neo 1.6 Ivory


Beautifully Canadian made, the Pacific Energy Neo 1.6 is a stunning wood heater. The Neo 1.6 is designed to burn all night long, enticing you with flickering, dancing flames that last well into the night.  And with the warmth that radiates from its beautiful large glass, you can be sure to be warm no matter where you’re sitting.

Metallic Black Panels

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Enamel Black Panels

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Outside Air Kit

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Two Speed Fan

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PE Neo 1.6 Ivory Freestanding Fireplace

Model number – NE16.AUINSA-11240017

With unrivalled performance, the Neo 1.6 wood fire boasts an unbelievable 75% efficiency, meaning you will burn two less tonne of wood per year. With a burn time of 12-15 hours on a single load of wood, and a heat output of 250m². The combustion air is brought into the baffle, heated it up to an impressive 800°C, and reignited to produce Pacific Energy’s signature afterburn!

The Neo 1.6 also features a brilliant Extended Burn Time, or EBT. The EBT automatically breaks the draught allowing your heater to burn longer, no matter how much flue you have on it. And speaking of which, when you combine the Neo 1.6 with our Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit, and take advantage of the Outside Air Intake, you have a completely air-tight, efficient solution to get the most out of your wood heater.

The Pacific Energy Neo 1.6 is a beautiful heater, with an amazing heat output, efficiency, as well as a beautiful modern design and stunning flame pattern, the Neo is sure to be the feature of any medium sized living room it happens to meet.

Efficiency 75%
Emissions 0.7g
Heating Capacity 200m² – 230m²
Dimensions 940mm x 690mm x 512mm
Rear clearance to combustible 120m
Side clearance to combustible 250mm
Corner clearance to combustible 150mm
Clearance to non-combustible 25mm