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Calisto Medium Freestanding Fireplace


Calisto Medium 300 m2 coverage

669 mm  wide x 936 mm high x 558 mm deep

10 yer firebox warranty

Calisto Medium Freestanding Fireplace

Kent 669.  Designed to be more efficient than ever, the Kent Calisto Medium Freestanding Wood Heater combines technology with modern design. With coverage of up to 300 square meters, the Calisto is the perfect choice for medium to large sized spaces.
This efficient and environmentally friendly wood heater is one of the cleanest burning heaters on the market, burning cleaner than the national standard for emissions of 1.5g/kg.
Sturdy in construction, the firebox comes with a 10 year firebox warranty;Designed to fit seamlessly into an existing brick chimney, get the benefits of a traditional open fireplace without the ashy mess.

Calisto Medium Freestanding Fireplace Specifications –

Heating Type – Freestanding Wood Heater
Heating Style  – Convection
Height  936mm
Depth  558mm
Width  669mm
Capacity (m²) output –  Heats up to 300 m² (30 squares)
Overnight Burn Time –  Up to 8.5 hours
Fan  – Yes
Rear Of Heater To Flue Center  –  182 mm
Flue Diameter – 6 Inch Stainless Steel
Rear Wall Clearance  – 70 mm
Hearth Clearance –  300 mm
Corner Clearance – 50 mm
Side Wall Clearance  – 240 mm
Area Size – Indoor Medium
Fuel  – Hardwood
Firebox Warranty  – 10 Years

Choosing the right wood heater

Major factors to consider when it comes to choosing a wood heater are:

  • Size of your home
  • Building layout
  • Number of rooms you’d like to heat
  • Your priorities between aesthetics and efficiency


Designed with an air cavity between the firebox and the outer skin. This means that the air in the avity heats up, expands and rises, drawing more air in from below and forcing the hot air out through the top of the heater. A good clean burn convection heater can produce over 3 cubic metres of heated air per minute.


Radiant wood heaters have all sides of the firebox exposed. They are designed for heating large open areas where heat can travel in straight lines. Ideal for rumpus room areas or large open plan homes.


Fans will help circulate larger volumes of warm air, breaking down the layers of hot air that collect at ceiling level. Consequently a wood heater with a fan will heat a room faster than a conventional heater.


Check the construction quality of the firebox, as this is the engine of any wood heater.