Alderlea T5 Inbuilt Black


Old school charm meets new world heating in the stunning Pacific Energy Alderlea T5 Inbuilt. Canadian made, the Alderlea T5 Inbuilt has a huge, impressive cast iron fascia. This heavy-duty fascia is all about the quality and hiding the inner workings of one of the most modern and sophisticated wood heaters available on the market.

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Matte Black

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Enamel White

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Alderlea T5 Inbuilt Black

Model number – ALT5.AUCINSB-MB

The Alderlea T5 Inbuilt Black is all about the burn. With an extraordinary heat output of up to 250m², you’re looking at a serious heater that knows how to heat. But it does so efficiently, at 60% efficiency, ensuring that the wood burns for as long as possible. Up to 15 hours, to be precise, giving you a true overnight burn perfect for those cold winter nights, and colder winter mornings. And with emissions as low as 1.1g, the Alderlea T5 Inbuilt is clean burning, keeping it environmentally friendly. All this hidden behind a truly spectacular front, with two finishes available; black matte or antique white enamel!

Controlling the Alderlea T5 Inbuilt is extremely simple, with the wide 225mm air slider giving you maximum control with little fuss. And if you need some extra heat, the Alderlea T5 Inbuilt has two fans, perfect for pushing the heat out into the room. But the greatest thing about the Alderlea T5 Inbuilt is the stainless-steel baffle. Smoke rising from the flames enters the baffle and is reignited at over 600°C, giving you that trademark afterburn you get from Pacific Energy. This also allows your heater to give off more heat and ensures less smoke comes out through your flue.

When it comes to heating Canada knows its stuff, and the Pacific Energy Alderlea T5 Inbuilt is a prime example of this. With its innumerable features, stunning front, and fantastic heat output, it truly is the ideal heater for any home.

Efficiency 60%
Emissions 1.1g
Heating Capacity 250m² – 280m²
Dimensions 610mm x 453mm x 530mm


Alderlea T5 Inbuilt Black