Zero Clearance Box


Zero Clearance Box

Model Number – MXZEROBOX

Dimensions – 817 mm High x 838 mm Wide x 578 mm Deep

Dual Skin Galvanised Steel construction

Zero-clearance fireplaces are prefabricated fireplaces that are safe to install within centimetres of combustible materials like wood, plaster board or panelling. A “zero clearance box” is constructed to allow a non-zero clearance insert fireplace to be installed where there is no existing masonry or non-combustible fireplace for the insert to be safely installed into. This type of fireplace or installation is suitable for all houses, including mobile homes. It’s an ideal option for homes that don’t already have a fireplace.

We also have a freestanding POD option available where an insert is not practical or easily installed.

If you want the look of an insert fireplace but don’t have an existing brick chimney, use this system to create a safe install which is compatible with many of our insert wood heaters and you will be able to achieve the same sleek look.

No major structural work needed!


Insert wood heaters come in various sizes and heating capacities with a wide range of styles to suit different homes. Please call into our showroom or talk to one of our staff for more detailed information.