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The Right Flue Kit

Get the right flue kit for your fireplace

The Right Flue Kit

There is a new technology available for wood heaters that can save you money and keep you warmer…

Room Sealed flue kits are the latest innovation that will have real impact on how your wood fireplace performs.

They are a more efficient system. On average they will keep over 8% more heat inside your home, making it warmer and using less fuel.

That means you will save money on your heating costs and your fireplace will be better for the environment.

This is done by being ‘Room Sealed’ compared to the old style flue kits that have been around for decades that require ‘air flow’ to keep them cool and make them safe. Room Sealed Flue Kits (RSFK) are fully insulated and do not need the air to flow around them to keep them cool and safe.

Same fireplace different flue kit

They do not look a lot different from modern painted flue kits, but they are better in a few key ways.

  • They keep you warmer!
  • They increase your fireplace efficiency.
  • They save you money.
  • They are quieter.
  • They are a full stainless steel construction with a 7 year warranty.
  • They are safe in Bush Fire Zones.
  • They are easier to install, requiring smaller clearances.

Follow the below link for some examples of different styles that are available.

Room Sealed Flue is also available as individual pieces so they can be custom designed to fit your home.