Grandfire 29″ Grill Combo


Grandfire Large 29″ ceramic grill combo

Stainless Steel ‘Nest’ trolley

The only ceramic grill with stainless steel bands/fittings

Bamboo side helves and Pizza Stone included

Grandfire 29″ Grill Combo

Combo Ceramic Grill 29″ diameter Kamado Grill on Stainless Steel Nest trolley – RED, the most versatile BBQ grill, slow cooker, pizza Oven or smoker

  • Heavy Duty ceramic fire box.
  • Ceramic semi-circular heat control heat deflectors
  • 304 Stainless Steel split Grills, 3 tier rack system for different cooking levels
  • Heavy duty hinge and bands also in 304 Stainless Steel to withstand heavy loads and tough environments
  • Quick response thermometer
  • Stainless Steel temperature control vents
  • Ezi-clean ash system
  • Bamboo handle, curved design never gets hot to touch.

We recommend quality natural lump charcoal Stainless Steel ‘Nest’ trolley available.


Quick Answer: A time-tested method for cooking great BBQ food.
When we say “time-tested,” we’re not talking about a mere 20-plus years, the history of kamado charcoal grills dates back a few thousand years to ancient China. They’ve evolved over the centuries, of course, but still rely on the superior heat retention of ceramics and the venting systems of Japanese mushikamado. Those basic properties make modern kamados into all-in-one grills capable of virtually every type of outdoor cooking style. Grilling burgers for the family? Just fire up the kamado. Bought a brisket that needs slow-smoking? Brisket, meet kamado. Want to bake a pizza somewhere other than your indoor oven? You can even make bread… Well, you get the idea.

All this versatility is packed into a fairly straightforward cooking method that requires you to simply light some charcoal and adjust the vents as needed to control temperature. Yep, that’s it, no matter the cooking style! As if that wasn’t enough, kamado cookers can produce food with 30% more moisture retention because of the relatively low level of airflow used when cooking. It’s clear to see why this ancient cooking method still has such a prominent place in the modern grilling world.