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B&B Mesquite Lump Charcoal

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B&B Mesquite Lump Charcoal 9kg Bag

B&B lump charcoal is 100% natural with NO ADDITIVES or FILLERS and is environmentally friendly.

B&B Lump Charcoal helps to sear meat quicker to lock in the natural flavor.

For over 50 years B&B Charcoal has been the leading producer of lump charcoal. B&B Charcoal offer a variety of types that include Oak, Mesquite, Hickory, Hardwood, and Quebracho Blanco. Through our unique process, we are able to rid our wood of the most unwanted foreign material, including resins and acids that are most commonly found in other major brands. What remains is only the natural fiber, accounting for the subtle, natural flavor that foods capture when cooked with B&B Lump Charcoal. That process has made it “The Expert’s Choice For the Outdoor Barbequer” for many many years.

Is B&B Mesquite Lump Charcoal any good?
What our customers have said –
Overall Impressions. I really like B&B lump charcoal and give them my full recommendation. B&B lump charcoal worked fine for our Low and Slow barbeque as well as Hot and Fast grilling. In my tests, the B&B burnt cleaner than the other brands we have used and produced 38% less ash.
What is B&B charcoal made of?
B&B lump Charcoal contains only 100% hardwood (oak, hickory etc) that is exclusively sourced from our hardwood lump production. No industrial scrap, no outside wood by-products, no chemical accelerates. That means B&B Charcoal will burn longer, hotter, with less ash and more authentic wood smoke flavor.