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Arlberg 780 Tunnel


Double sided glass fireplace

Standard side door opening

Great performance and easy installation

Arlberg 780 Tunnel -Double sided glass fireplace

Alberg is a competitively priced yet powerful performer boasting premium looks and cutting edge technology, this fireplace’s large glass area provides a calming ambience in any room.

The Alberg Tunnel is a desirable double sided design with standard side opening door system. Great performance and easy installation.

Standard side door opening

Great performance and easy installation

Beautifully built the Arlberg 780 Tunnel is made by Kobok Fireplaces in Europe.

Kobok has been producing steel fireplace inserts and stoves, tiled fireplaces and modern finishing materials of high quality since 1993, maintaining a high standard from the first years of production. Kobok maintains a high level of technological innovations.

Some of the technologies supported by Kobok fireplace inserts:

  • Secondary afterburning of flue gases;
  • Clear glass, double glass, heat-resistant eco-friendly varnish;
  • High-precision laser cutting of steel, complete sandblasting of surfaces;
  • All possible options for opening doors, tempered glass, excellent view of the flame;
  • Heat accumulating chamotte and concrete, using water and air heat exchangers;
  • Possibility to supply combustion air from the external environment;
  • The ability to automatically support burning.

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