9L Charcoal Fire Starter


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9L Charcoal Fire Starter

Model number – FS001

This charcoal/heat bead fire starter makes lighting your charcoal or beads a breeze. The Mega Size 9L Charcoal Fire Starter Chimney holds up to 3.7kgs of charcoal/heat beads which will be piping hot and ready to use in 20-25 minutes. This mega fire starter holds twice as much charcoal as other brands found at hardware stores and other online stores.

Includes a heat deflector plate on the handle to protect your hand. Smaller holes on the base plate means you can light smaller pieces without them falling through the base. Stronger built with Stainless Steel rivets and quality materials.


Heat up to 3.7kgs of charcoal
Excellent air flow
Wooden handle
Heat shield for handle
Large lighting holes at base of jug
Sturdy galvanised steel construction
Stainless steel pop rivets

Height: 35cm
Diameter: 20cm
Grate to top: 30cm


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