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31 Baines Crescent, Torquay Vic, 3228

Buschbeck Cooking

Buschbeck Cooking

Buschbeck Cooking –

Cooking up some mixed grill on the Buschbeck

Our customers are in love with Buschbeck Masonry BBQ’s & Outdoor Fires

An awesome outdoor fire and BBQ rolled into one!

Grill with wood & Charcoal, bake fantastic pizzas.

Fireplaces are available in 4 different styles, some with up to 3 colour variations (White, Charcoal & Mocha), a wide range of accessories including a pizza oven, Cast Iron Grills and Hot Plates, twin skin firebox design with German made quality, we have a burning display outside at our showroom. Stop in and say g’day and we can ‘fire’ it up for you…

Buschbeck Cooking – great tasting food using wood or charcoal fuels.

Also see – Wedgetail Braai, the Umlilo wall or floor and the Sonsy and Shine, all Stainless Steel fires that you can BBQ, rotisserie, cook pizzas and paella, skewer meat and veg, even cook wok style food,