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Wooshka Pizza Stone Set


Wooshka Pizza Stone Set

Model number – SGO10400062

335 mm Wide x 265 mm Deep x 11 mm Thick.

Switch gears with your Wooshka Smoker Oven and turn it into the baker’s delight. Perfect for homemade pizzas, bread, pastries or other baked goods, the Wooshka Smoker Oven Pizza Stone Set expands your smoker oven’s capabilities, now the rest is up to you!


  • Withstands the high-heat of the grill and the low heat of the smoker
  • Fits perfectly on the Smoker Oven’s roasting racks
  • Easy clean-up with a brush and damp cloth

The true go-anywhere wood-fire stove, the Original Wooshka packs into itself for easy transport and storage.
And with a host of available accessories for roasting, stewing, baking, grilling, frying and smoking,
there’s almost nothing you can’t do with it!


The durable Wooshka Camp Fire BBQ firebox has a multi-point mounting system allowing use of most of your Wooshka accessories at the same time! Delivered complete with removable legs, locating keys, flue, hot plates and fire grate (not shown) they all fit in-and-on-top-of the Wooskha firebox for storing and transport. Best part? No tools needed!


Designed to fit in the Wooshka firebox when not in use, the Wooshka’s stainless steel flue includes a spark arrestor, required for use in some National Parks.


There’s nothing like the flavour of a meal that’s been grilled over open flames to get the mouth watering. And when the grill plate is not used for grilling, it doubles as a warming plate or for slow, indirect cooking.


Mount it over the flame for a traditional BBQ or like the Grill Plate, flip it around and use it as a warming plate or for slow, indirect cooking. Flat Plate includes drain hole for grease run-off.


Your entire Wooshka packs in to itself and then is stored in this light-duty travel bag – perfect for transporting, storing and safe keeping!