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Wooshka Dutch Oven


Wooshka Dutch Oven

Model number – SCDO001

There is nothing like cooking in cast iron Camp Oven.

You can roast with it, bake with it, stew with it, make soups with it – there’s really nothing you can’t do with it!

Plus, with the Wooshka Camp Oven, you can use the lid as a shallow wok or skillet – simply flip it over and on to the Wooshka Wok/Camp Oven Adaptor.

Foe use with the Wooska Camp Fire and BBQ

Many accessories available – Camp Oven & Hot Water Boiler, Rotisserie Kit, Heat Bead Basket, Wooshka Camp Oven/Wok Adaptor

Stay warm – Use your Wooshka as a Fire Pit or for cooking

Cook on the hot plate or Grill

All Wooshka’s pack into a carry-bag (included with fireplace)

At home or out camping the Wooska is perfect.

The true go-anywhere wood-fire stove, the Original Wooshka packs into itself for easy transport and storage.
And with a host of available accessories for roasting, stewing, baking, grilling, frying and smoking,
there’s almost nothing you can’t do with it!