Wireless Thermometer 4 Probe


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Wireless Thermometer 4 Probe

Model number – BQ1041

The new Gasmate Wireless BBQ Thermometer for your gas BBQ, Kamado, pizza oven or smoker and features digital display and the ability to fit 6 stainless steel wireless thermometer probes. Supplied with 4 Silicone Probes.

Programmed with USDA approved preset temperatures for 11 different types of food.

Pre-programmed cooking (doneness) levels – Rare, Medium, Medium Well and Well done levels.

Program your own temperature setting manually.

Inbuilt timer and ‘History’ temperature graph.

Ringtone or vibrtion alarm on connected device.

Simply download the HyperBBQ app to your phone to operate remotely.

Large LCD Screen display.

Sit back and relax while your BBQ is doing all the work. No matter what you are cooking on your BBQ the wireless thermometer 4 probe will have you serving deliciously cooked food every time.

With the 4 different probes you can check different foods being cooked at the same time. The large rotatable LCD screen makes it easy to read the different temperatures of the different foods. By connecting this device to your smart phone the thermometer will alert you when your steaks are cooked perfectly even if you are busy preparing the next course of the meal or just busy entertaining family and friends.