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Thermal Powered EXO Fan


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Thermal Powered EXO Fan

Model number – Forge – SG010400037

Exo Fan
The thermally-powered Forge Exo Fan uses rising heat from your radiant stove or fireplace to gently circulate warm air around any room.


Perfect for any radiant wood fireplaces or stoves
Reduce emissions by burning less fuel

How does a thermal powered fan work?
The Peltier device generates electricity by having one side hot and the other side cooler (known as a ‘thermal difference’). This temperature difference creates a ‘potential difference’ (a voltage) in the circuit. This voltage powers the motor, which in turn drives the fan.

Do fireplace fans really work?
A Thermal Powered EXO Fan is effective that can easily and quickly warm up your home without using any liquid fuel or electricity while performing its task. They are noiseless, which makes you stay worry-free about the noise level. Also, it ensures 20 – 25% faster warmth than a no-stove fan.