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TFF Wall Penetration Kit


TFF Wall Penetration Kit

Model number – TFF645DWPK

6 inch 45 degree wall penetration kit
Perforated flue and bends are ordered and sold separately.
Components –
1 x 750 mm Penetration Default
1 x 200 mm x 750 mm Gal Flue length
1 x 150 mm x 900 mm Stainless Steel Flue length
1 x 150 mm Stainless Steel 45 deg. Bend
1 x 200 mm Gal 45 deg. Bend
1 x 250 mm Gal 45 deg. Bend
2 x 45 degree Painted Wall – Ceiling plates
3 x Support Angles

In accordance with AS/NZS 2918:2001
This kit must be installed by a licensed plumber. The correct installation is the responsibility of the licensed plumber that is also installing the correct flue kit for your fireplace. For further details or information please contact our office.
A certificate of compliance must be issued by the installing plumber for local council and insurance purposes.

Regular inspection of your flue for creosote deposit or damage and cleaning of your flue kit with a flue brush or approved cleaning method will increase the life of the product and the efficiency of your fireplace.

About BBQs and fireplaces recommends using a quality flue kit. Our standard flue kit is a ‘Premium’ quality flue kit with extras like Anti Down Draft cowls and heavy duty marine grade stainless steel. These features will provide a longer lasting flue kit for your peace of mind.