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RSF Kit no Heat Shield


The insulated wood heater flue system, or what we call the Room Sealed Flue Kit is the most efficient flue system for wood heaters.

This kit features two painted lengths of standard flue in the room, with insulated flue in the ceiling to the cowl. Perfect for those who want a slimmer look and extra heat in the room.

It stops unnecessary heat loss in traditional flues, which benefits you directly by increases your heaters ability to heat your home by 8% – saving you wood and money.

It also keeps the flue from cooling down which reduces flue blockages, reduces noise by 90% and is made from an all stainless steel construction, giving you a long life expectancy for your flue system.

This flue kit is also available as an 8 inch flue kit for heaters that require 8 or 9 inch flue.

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Room Sealed Flue consists of 150mm (or 6”) active stainless steel flue that is wrapped in ceramic insulation, the outside flue made from a 200mm (or 8”) stainless steel and uses twist lock technology to connect all the lengths. No screws required.

Insulated Flue for wood heaters and stoves is the most common flue system used around the world.
It reduces heat loss in the home by 8%, keeps the flue from cooling down that reduces flue blockages and reduces noise by 90%.

Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit consists of an inner active stainless steel flue that is wrapped in ceramic insulation, the outside flue is also made stainless steel.
This all stainless construction gives you longer life expectancy and is perfect for homes in coastal areas.

No more leaking flue (or rattling flue), the Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kits use twist lock to joints to join all flue lengths and bends together.
All fittings are supplies with a locking band to lock the joints – no screws required!

  • No heat loss in your home through the flue system, that’s an 8% increase in heating.
  • 90% quieter than traditional air cooled flue kits.
  • Lasts longer, with all stainless inner and outer construction.
  • Safer and easier to install.

The Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kits have a smaller outer diameter (only 200mm) and can be installed as close as 25mm from any timbers in your ceiling. A full range of bends, tees and adjustable lengths are available.

The Room Sealed Flue Kit comes with a:

  • 7 year warranty on the flue.
  • 1 year warranty on the cowl and painted finish.