Neo 1.6 Inbuilt


With its clean exterior and unbelievable interior, the Pacific Energy Neo 1.6 Inbuilt wood heater is one fantastic wood heater. All the amazing features of the brilliant freestanding Neos are packed into this stunning inbuilt model.

Stainless Steel Fascia

+ $189

Deep Fascia

+ $178

Neo 1.6 Inbuilt Black wood heater can heat up to 230m², an impressive size for such a small firebox. This, along with its extraordinary emissions level of 1.1g can be attested to its brilliant afterburn technology. Smoke from the fire enters the stainless-steel baffle and is reignited at over 600°C. This reignited smoke produces Pacific Energy’s signature afterburn, which gives you that impressive afterburn flame pattern, increases the heat output (more flame equals more heat) and reduces the amount of carbon or smoke going into the atmosphere.

And with emissions at 67%, the Neo 1.6 inbuilt knows how to burn wood. You can easily get an overnight burn out of this unit. Pacific Energy’s patented Extended Burn Time (or EBT) helps regulate the draught in your fire to allow you to light and burn your fire no matter how much flue is on your heater. And with a massive air slider, it’s obvious that Pacific Energy wishes to give you as much control over your wood heater as possible.

Jam packed full of features that most other wood heaters can only dream of, the Neo 1.6 inbuilt is the perfect heater for any medium sized home with an existing chimney. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the zero-clearance box, build a timber frame, and install the Neo 1.6 inbuilt into a brand-new home.

Efficiency 67%
Emissions 1.1g
Heating Capacity 200m² – 230m²
Dimensions 502mm x 750mm x 408mm

Neo accessories and options are extra.