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Pacific Energy Alderlea T5


Classy, elegant, and stylish. All perfect words to describe the Pacific Energy Alderlea T5 wood heater. Dripping in old world charm, this Canadian made heater has a classic cast iron construction, perfect for radiating the warmth through your home.

Matte Black

+ $0

Enamel White

+ $612

Outside Air Kit

+ $78.50

Two Speed Fan

+ $550

The Alderlea T5 may have a vintage styling to it, but under the hood is a modern Pacific Energy wood fire. With a heat output of 250m², the Alderlea T5 is suitable for any medium sized heating space without concern. With emissions at 1.1g and efficiency at 67%, the Alderlea T5 burns clean and efficient, which is both better for the environment and your woodshed long term. And with the ability to upgrade to either Antique White Porcelain or Majolica Brown Porcelain exterior, you can style the heater to truly match your home.

If you have a more modern home or are looking to retain as much heater as possible, there’s nothing better than adding our Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit to your Alderlea T5. With the insulation ring, you’ll trap the heat in the room (8% is lost through traditional flues) and ensure your fire operates as efficiently as possible. You can also add an Outside Air Kit to your heater, which provides fresh air from outside directly into your Alderlea T5, feeding it without causing draughts to run through your old house, or suffocating your fire in a new house. Put together, these three components create a brilliant airtight system which increases your Alderlea T5’s overall performance.

With an enormous glass door, a hidden cooktop and a large air slider, there’s so much to talk about with the Alderlea T5. A brilliant heater designed to weather the Canadian winter (and trust us, it’s VERY cold up there), the Alderlea T5 is ready to provide all your heating needs.

Efficiency 67%
Emissions 1.1g
Heating Capacity 250m² – 280m²
Dimensions 756mm x 635mm x 724mm
Rear clearance to combustible 100mm
Side clearance to combustible 375mm
Corner clearance to combustible 200mm
Clearance to non-combustible 25mm