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Kwik-Flex Duct Hanger


Kwik-Flex Duct Hanger

Model number – 553032

The Kwik Advantage –

  • Complies to Australia Standard (AS/NZS) 4254.1
  • Meets Building Code of Australia (BCA)/National Construction Code (NCC) requirements
  • Proven in the HVAC industry since 2012
  • Guaranteed for 10 years
  • Robust, easy to use/install
  • Provides a professional installation

The Kwik Solution
Kwik-Flex is a flexible duct hanging / support system designed to meet the installation requirements of Australian Standard (AS/NZS) 4254.1 (2012) for use in all Commercial / Domestic and Industrial applications.

Kwik Economics
Studies in both Australia and the USA show that there can be up to 40% thermal energy loses in flexible ducting due to poor installation practices. Kwik-Flex ensures the efficient operating of your ducted air-conditioning, heating or evaporative cooling system.

Long Lasting
UV Stable
Fire Resistant
High tear strength
Can be removed and reused

Easy to Use
Each Kwik-Flex strap is tested to hold up 30kgs
One size Kwik-Flex fits flexible duct from 100-600mm

One box (40 straps) can do 2-3 average sized domestic ducted system installs (System design will dictate usage)
Can be used in both commercial and domestic applications

Kwik Flex has been used on a number of projects throughout Australia and New Zealand, including Grand Central, Sydney Airport, and Jewel on the Gold Coast. It is quickly becoming a must-use product for flexible duct installation.

Bulk buy deals available.

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