SKU: 124146

Kent Somerset MKII Fireplace


Coverage : 200 m2

Burn time up to 8 hours

10 year firebox warranty

Kent Somerset MKII Fireplace

This minimalistic designed wood heater is perfect for heating small to medium sized spaces, the Kent Somerset MKII wood heater covers up to 200 square meters which is perfect for your family home.

Constructed of solid 6mm steel, this slow combustion indoor Kent wood heater gives you a clean burning, efficient method of keeping your home warm and comes with a 10-year firebox warranty.

It features a factory fitted double barrel 3 speed fan assists in enhancing heat, so your home will stay warm, even on the harshest winter nights.

All our Kent wood heaters do not add to the greenhouse effect. Therefore, this efficient and environmentally friendly wood heater is one of the cleanest burning heaters on the market.

Kent Somerset MKII Fireplace specifications –

Heating Type: Freestanding Wood Heater
Emissions: 1g/kg
Heating Style: Convection
Burn Time: Up to 8 Hours
Output: Heats up to 200 m2
Efficiency: 72%
Fan: Included
Recommended Flue Kit: Maxiheat Default Stainless Steel Flue Kit or Room Sealed Flue Kit
Recommended Hearth: Maxiheat 1.2 x 1.2m Dark Charcoal Hearth
Rear Wall Clearance: 200mm
Side Wall Clearance: 325mm
Corner Clearance: 100mm
Hearth Clearance: 300mm
Fuel: Hardwood
Colour: Metallic Black
Width (mm): 677
Height (mm): 790
Depth (mm): 517