Grandfire Flame Failure Side Burner


Grandfire Flame Failure Side Burner – LPG or NG

Build your own cooking station – Built In Additions – Side Burner

  • Constructed with 443 stainless steel
  • 18.5MJ/h burner
  • Self ignition valve system
  • Fueled by LPG or NG
  • Built-in design for any outdoor kitchen

Build your own cooking station – Built In Additions – Side Burner
Flame Failure function is required for any enclosed area or outdoor room with at least 3 walls.

Imagine this, building your own custom luxury social entertainment centre. If you believe in social kitchen, where family and friends get together and you are also passionate about cooking then you should be looking for serious lifestyle culinary station.

Concept of the social kitchen more focuses on the experience or the way to connect people with food and passion of cooking. Grandfire Range of products underpins the concept of the social kitchen and cooking passion by delivering the flexible range of appliances which caters to individual’s lifestyle and needs.

Our Built-In Products befit the need to build your own luxury social entertainment centre. They are not just Built-in, but style built to last! Apart from its aesthetic appeal performance that it delivers is equivalent to a professional kitchen. Guests will be treated to perfectly cooked steak, succulent chicken and chargrilled vegetables of restaurant quality.

Grandfire Flame Failure Side Burner comes standard as LPG, Natural Gas Jets are included – requires NG Conversion
Flame Failure is a legal safety requirement in most states, please check with the retailer if you are unsure. Also required for NG BBQ’s installed in an enclosed space.