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Glowbus Dewdrop M


Glowbus Dewdrop M Outdoor sculpture and firepit

Medium 100 cm high x 65 cm diameter


The Glowbus® Dewdrop is an eye-catcher in any garden thanks to its timeless design. The ideal blend between raw simplicity and pure outdoor luxury.

The Glowbus® Dewdrop is available in 3 sizes. Dewdrop M is most suited to compact zones such as a patio or smaller garden. The Dewdrop L is extremely suitable for larger gardens, and the largest member – the Dewdrop XL – decorates large park and landscape gardens or creates an experience in hotels and at tourist locations.

Eye-catcher during the day, source of cosiness in the evening. Discover your new world of elemental fire.


Materials: To optimise its lifespan, the Glowbus® Dewdrop is made of corten steel (weathering steel). On average, this beautiful rust-coloured steel lasts eight times longer than regular steel. Corten steel owes its durability to its high-density oxide skin (rust layer). It shuts off the steel from the outside air and thus forms a protective layer between the steel and the natural elements.

Weather resistance: The Glowbus® Dewdrop is designed for all kinds of weather. Temperatures from -1000° C (-1768° F) to 1000° C (1832° F) are no issue at all and thanks to its robust shape and weight, it can perfectly withstand winds of up to 200 km/h (125 mph).

Placement: Due to its weight (Dewdrop M = 150 kg (330 lb), Dewdrop L = 220 kg (485 lb), Dewdrop XL = 425 kg (937 lb), you would probably prefer not to lug this design fire pit around your garden every week. The Dewdrop M and L can be moved fairly easily by rolling the Dewdrop on its side. The ash plate is not attached to the fire sculpture. The Dewdrop XL requires a bit more power and is usually positioned with the use of a mechanical lifting device.

Rusting process: We recommend placing the Glowbus® Dewdrop on a suitable surface because of the corten steel material. The oxide skin that gives corten steel its unique character may cause a slight discolouration to sensitive surfaces in wet conditions. This is most likely when the oxide skin is still forming. It’s best to place your fire sculpture – or any other object made of corten steel – on sand, gravel or grass.

Maintenance: The Glowbus® Dewdrop requires almost no maintenance. The only thing we recommend is that you remove the ashes if you will not be using the fire sculpture for a long time.