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Flaming Coals Lamb Rub


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Flaming Coals Lamb Rub


Flaming Coals Traditional Lamb Rub is a full flavoured blend of herbs and spices making it the perfect companion for all lamb dishes. Whether it’s lamb on the spit, cutlets on the BBQ’s or a leg in the smoker, Flaming Coals Traditional Rub is all you need.

Flaming Coals Lamb Rub BBQ Rub 265g

Also available – Bovine Espresso Brisket BBQ rub is the perfect companion for all things beef. Whether you’re cooking brisket, steaks or beef ribs, Bovine Espresso will form an amazing bark and lock in the moisture and flavour without overpowering the meat. Containing no chilli, this rub is suitable for all ages, young and old.

We offer a range of Rubs, planks, spices and sauces to BBQ or Smoke your meat. Our range includes rubs from Flaming Coals and Rubbed Red Raw for smoking meat, and to give your food that extra level of flavour. With our rubs, spices and sauces, you are sure to wow your guests with mouth watering flavour.

If you want advice on rubs, planks, spices and sauces, feel free to call our staff on 03 5261 4505

Another great favourite is our Rubbed Red Raw Royal Rub. This is the original and proud flagship rub in the collection. This rub contains pepper, salt, sugar, paprika, garlic, onion, and other spices that create a strong, noble and sweet taste for all to enjoy. A great match for Pork and Chicken. Australian Made.