Archer FS100 Gas Fireplace

The Archer 100 series provides a dramatic Bay Window Glass Front. Its classic, beautiful styling and the natural look of a gas log fire will complement any home décor. The firebox is specially designed to maximize heat output and is fitted with a 3 Settings and a 3-speed fan for extra circulation.

Heating Capacity: approximately 180m² *
Efficiency: 92% *
Gas Consumption (Mj/Hr): 10 / 20 / 30 (Low / Medium / High) *
Average Heat Output: 2.5 / 5.2 / 7.6kW (Low / Medium / High) *
Energy Star Rating: 5.5 Stars
Automatic Ignition
Zero Clearance to All Surfaces.
Optional Remote
Australian Made

Archer FS100 Gas Fireplace

The free standing Model Archer FS100 Gas Fireplace is a 30mj Twin burner Model with a combustion efficiency of 92% and a 5.5 star energy rating.

It can heat up an Area of up to 180 square metres (18 squares)* and incorporates features such as:

. 3 Heat Settings

. 3 Automatic Fan Speed setting linked to each burner setting.

. Powered flue technology

. Automatic ignition

. Automatic Humidifier.

. Easy installation using Archer unique 40ml PVC fluing system. (Co axial or single flue) with optional remote.

*NOTE: Heating capacity may vary depending of climate, home design, heater location, ceiling height and installation, etc.

The Archer gas log fireplaces with 5.4 to 5.7 energy star rating is today the world leader in modern day gas heating technology.

Its classic beautiful styling and the natural look of a gas log fire will complement any home decor.

Archer Gas Log Fires are a small and proud Australian owned family business, with three generations working at our Head Office/ Factory in Melbourne, Victoria.

The approval for the First Archer Bay window heater was received in August 1996.

Production started immediately and it was then our gas efficient log space heater was on the market and intrigued so many.

Over the last 25 years, we have since grown into launching several models, all offering a revolution in modern, efficient, cost-saving in-home space heating.

We now have models: Bay window, IS700, IS900, IS1200 and IS1500. With the traditional look of an IS700, to a more modern linear look of the IS1200 and IS1500 series.

We are proud to say that each model made offers a higher energy rating, where you get more heat for less gas.