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6″ RSF Bend Painted


A fully insulated 6″ inner, 8″ outer, 45 degree bend, includes locking band, compatible with all 6″ Room Sealed Flue Kits. Painted to match internal flue.

Compatible with our insulated wood heater flue system, or what we call the Room Sealed Flue Kit, this is a new design that is the most efficient flue system for wood heaters.

This fitting is also available in an 8 inch version for use with the 8 inch Room Sealed Flue Kit.

6″ RSF Bend Painted (RSF – Room Sealed Flue)

It stops unnecessary heat loss you receive with in traditional flues, which benefits you directly by increasing your heaters ability to heat your home by 8% – saving you wood and money.

It also keeps the flue from cooling down which reduces flue blockages, reduces noise by 90% and is made from an all stainless steel construction, giving you a long life expectancy for your flue system, and comes with a 7 year warranty to back it.

Room Sealed Flue consists of 150mm ( or 6”) active stainless steel flue that is wrapped in ceramic insulation, the outside flue made from a 200mm ( or 8”) stainless steel, and uses twist lock technology to connect all the lengths. No screws required.

All tested and approved to AS/NZS 2918:201 Appendix F, so it can be used on all makes and model wood heaters.

An Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit is also perfect for any high started passive home that requires a negative house pressure test – all sealed means more efficient flue system

The 6″ RSF Bend Painted is just one of the many available components in the RSF range. Also available as an unpainted bend for the roof cavity.

6″ RSF Bend Painted, also available unpainted SS finish